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L Shaped Sofa

People are making as much utility as possible out of the space they have available in their homes and apartments. One of the things that has become very popular in these days of space economization is the L shaped sofa.

This sofa, unlike the traditional sofa, backs up against two walls at the point where they meet. The sofa’s shape is like the letter L and hence the name. The entire unit can be used for seating, which adds to the utility of this equipment.

Just like with any other kind of furniture in the world, there are several ways in which L shaped sofas are designed. Some of these sofas are made so that they have a complete seating system throughout their length, which means they have a back throughout their length.

These L-shaped sofas can be enhanced with cushions throughout. Another design that has become popular today has a regular sofa-like arrangement but one of the end seats is made longer so that it can run along a perpendicular wall.

Some people might take this as a combination of a sofa and a divan. The longer seat is used for reclining instead of sitting, but it can be used in both ways. This seat typically does not have a back. 

l shape sofa                  l shaped sofas                  l shaped sofas

L Shaped Sofas and Couches

The traditional L shaped sofas, also referred to as L shaped couches, are those that allow people to sit throughout their length. They look like two sofas that have been joined together at one of their ends to make a single running length perpendicular sofa.

They are meant to be placed in the corners with a center table in front. Because of their design, these sofas are considered by many people to be better for conversation because most people sitting on them can see each other’s faces.

l shape sofa                  l shaped sofa                  l shaped sofa

Quite understandably, the L shape sofa or couch can be a very expensive piece of furniture and most people do not feel that they must spend money on it.

Their usual prices begin from $3,000 and go higher, depending on their make, the materials used and the artistry involved. These are usually made to be quite plush and exotic so that they also have visual appeal apart from their usability.

l shape sofas                 l sofa

One thing about these L-shaped corner sofas is that they match with any kind of décor, antique or contemporary. The common ottoman sofas are suitable for all kinds of house decors.  

Their soft materials make them seem quite inviting, and they can be enhanced with various kinds of embellishments such as covers, throw pillows, cushions, rugs that go below them and such.

Most of the L shaped couch options that are available in standard stores can comfortably seat 5 people, though 6 people could squeeze on it in times of a space crunch. Being very comfortable, these couches do not create much of a problem even if they are cramped with people.

However, if you want, you could get them custom built to suit your preferences. They can be lengthened with one or two more seats on either end, or whatever you wish.

This could increase their usability for your purposes, but it will also increase the cost immensely. You have to also make sure that you get a skilled craftsman to do any job with these sofas.

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